Breaking Through the Sound of Air Raid Sirens: Appeal of the Representatives of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Educational Institutions

From November 14 to 18, the Consultation of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE, was held in the city of Izmir, the Republic of Turkey, which brought together about 500 participants from 80 countries of the world: leaders and representatives of evangelical educational institutions and Christian organizations working in the field of development of theological education. This year's international conference theme is: "Formal and non-formal theological education: beyond dialogue." The Ukrainian theological and educational community was represented by: Oleksandr Geychenko (Odesa Theological Seminary), Helga Dyatlyk (Overseas Council-United World Mission, Ukraine), Roman Soloviy (East European Institute of Theology, Langham Publishing). During the conference, the ICETE Board issued a statement expressing condolences over the dissolution and closure of E-AAA, and solidarity with Ukrainian sisters and brothers in theological education. The statement also condemns Russian aggression and states that Ukraine is under attack and in an unjust and cruel war by the Russian Federation. In addition, the ICETE Council provided the representatives of Ukraine to read the Appeal to the international theological and educational community on behalf of 22 Ukrainian evangelical seminaries.