Open Theological Seminars

The Mystery of the Incarnation in the Christian Tradition (Lviv, December 24, 2015). Presentations: "The Theological Significance of Christmas in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke" (Eugene Ustinovich), "The Tradition of Celebrating Christmas in the Early Church" (Mykhaylo Khromyak),"The Word Hardens: The Epiphany by Grigory Nazianzin" (Mykhailo Mokienko), "The Mystery of Christmas in the Theology of Martin Luther" (Yuriy Kostyuk), "Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christmas among the Ruins" (Roman Solovy).

Light on the Mountain: The Transfiguration of Christ, Man and Creation. The Biblical Narrative and Metamorphoses of Theological Reading (Lviv, September 3, 2016). Presentations: "Transfiguration in the Bible and Theology" (Roman Soloviy), "What Really Happened on the Mountain? Transfiguration through the Eyes of the Apostle Peter" (Taras Dyatlyk), "Seeing the Invisible: theology of the Transfiguration of Hesychasm" (Sergii Sannikov),"Transfiguration in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas" (Yuriy Kostyuk), "Motive of Transfigurationin the Theological Project of Jurgen Moltman" (Mykhailo Mokienko).

The Incarnation of the Son of God: Scripture, Theology, Culture (Lviv, December 23, 2016). Presentations: "Did Jesus Celebrate Christmas? Hanukkah in the Gospel of John (10: 22-23)" (Evgeny Ustinovich), "Incarnation of the Logos in the Theology of Origen" (Mykhaylo Khromyak), "Vision of Incarnation in the Works of Soren Kierkegaard" (Roman Solovy), "Theological and literary Reading of the Mystery of the Incarnation of Christ in the Novel of Ivan Bagriany 'Garden of Gethsemane'" (Kseniia Trofymchuk).

The Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word (December 26, 2017, January 15, 2018, Odessa). Presentations: "The Simplicity of God and His Incarnation. Christmas according to the Gospel of John" (Sergii Sannikov), "Life and Christmas Sermons of the rector of St. Nicholas Church in Amsterdam, Archpriest Sergei Ovsyannikov" (Inna Golubovich).

The Death and Resurrection of Christ in the Reformation Perspective (2017 Chernivtsi). Presentations: "The Death and Resurrection of Christ in Jean Calvin's Theology" (Mykhailo Mokienko), "The Theological Concept of Glory in John's Gospel" (Eugene Ustinovich), "Communion in the Reformers' Theology" (Roman Soloviy).

Hospitality of the Incarnation. Is Christ the Lord, the Guest or the Stranger? (Lviv, December 27, 2019). Presentations: "Hospitality without restriction? 2-3 John from the Point of View of Social Identity Theory" (Evgeny Ustinovich), "The Host who Decided to Become a Guest: The Concept of Kenosis in the Theological Thought of Lossky" (Edward Sablon Leyva), "To Accept, Protect, Support, and Integrate - Catholic Answer to Global Migration Challenges" (Oleg Kindiy), "Ambivalence of Hospitality in the Light of God's Incarnation" (Roman Soloviy).

Christmas amid Ruins (Lviv, December 23, 2022). Presentations: "The meaning of Christmas Story in the Gospels in the context of the Ruscism War in Ukraine" (о. Юрій Щурко), "Christmas as an Apocalyptic Transformation of Sacred Space" (Yevgen Ustinovich), "Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Last Christmas" (Roman Soloviy).