Foundations of Academic Literacy

For Authors of Theological Texts

The primary purpose of the seminars is the formation and development of authors' competencies in writing theological articles in journals indexed in scientometric databases.

During the seminars, we will discuss:

  • the general process of preparation for publication of articles;
  • before submitting your article to a journal for publication, what do you consider, and how to take advantage of different publishing models;
  • what things you need to know before conducting a research and publishing its results;
  • main mistakes in the process of writing and submitting articles and how to avoid them;
  • the structure of modern scholarly and theological papers, the formation of bibliography, and features of the use of various bibliographic tools;
  • how to prepare a checklist that will allow you to assess whether your work is ready for submission;
  • aspects of the peer-review process, obtaining an expert assessment;
  • ethical values ​​shared by academia;
  • how to improve writing skills for publishing scholarly papers and research to achieve a high impact factor on the reader.

Speakers and facilitators of seminars are Ukrainian and foreign editors of indexed journals, experienced authors, and reviewers.

The target audience of the seminar is undergraduate and graduate students, authors of theological papers from related disciplines, and everyone who wants to expand their competencies in writing publications for journals indexed in scientometric databases.

Writing a Book Proposal to Present to a Publishing House

Revd Dr Roger Standing is the speaker for this seminar. He is a Senior Research Fellow at Spurgeon’s College in London and author of ten books, the latest of which, Cultural Hermeneutics: the World Through the Lens of Theology.

Publishing your Thesis: Working well with Publishers

Dr. David Firth is the speaker for this seminar. He is the general editor of the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary.

Foundations of Academic Literacy: Ethical Values in Academic Publishing: Beyond Plagiarism

Lina Toth is the speaker for this seminar. She is an Editor of the journal Theology in Scotland.

How to Write an Excellent Book Review

Clive Pearson is the speaker for this seminar. He is an Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Public Theology.

Publishing an Article: an Editor’s Perspective

Revd Dr. Pieter J. Lalleman is the speaker for this seminar. He is an Editor of the European Journal of Theology. As such he is a member of the Executive Committee of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians.

Main Mistakes in the Process of Writing Articles and How to Avoid Them

Oleg Khoma is the speaker for this seminar. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Sententiae, the first Ukrainian academic journal specializing in the field of history of philosophy. Sententiae became the first Ukrainian philosophical journal indexed by SCOPUS.