Contemporary Protestant Theology

This series includes works of international and national theologians, primarily of the Protestant tradition.

The focus is on the problems of theological knowledge, ecclesiastical research, and explaining the role of the church in addressing the most pressing challenges of modern society, as well as other pressing issues that the Christian faith faces in the postmodern world. Preference is given to studies that are creative, innovative, dialogic, and interdisciplinary.

The series is published through the collaboration of Spirit and Letter Publishing, the Eastern European Institute of Theology, and the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association.

Already Published

Signs of the Presence: The Lord's Supper (2023) ua

Sergii Sannikov

The Concept of Tradition in Russian Orthodox Neo-Patristic Thought (2022) ua

Eduard Sablon Leiva

Theology after Christianity (2020) ua

Joshua Searle

Signs of the Presence: Water Baptism (2019) ua, ru

Sergii Sannikov

Biblical, Theological, and Political Aspects of Liberation Theology (2019) ua

Anatoliy Denysenko

Theology after Christianity (2020) ua

Joshua Searle


Ready to Print

  • Fedir Stryzhachuk. Contemporary Trinitarian Theology (2023)
  • Brian Haymes. Ruth Gouldbourne, and Anthony Cross. On Being the Church: Revisioning Baptist Identity (2023)
  • Oleksandr Geychenko. Brotherhood in Christ: Re-Constructing a Ukrainian Baptist Understanding of the Ecclesiological Nature of Associations of Churches (2023)