Methodological Seminars

Common Communication and Methodological Space

In 2015, an ongoing methodological seminar on theological research began. The main goal of the seminar is to help participants move from an information-coded approach to education whose purpose is to convey a summary of knowledge, to a methodological approach, oriented toward the development of a culture of thought and the capability to absorb and work out new knowledge as it is needed over the course of a human life.

Goals of the Seminars
  • Unification of efforts on the part of active and potential theological researchers to determine the most relevant methodological issues of theological research and to work out agreed-upon solutions that will facilitate their development.
  • Formation and further development of participants' academic-research competency and the personal and professional thought orientation essential for research work and creative self-development.
  • Development of participants' motivation and a standard of values essential for research activity understood as an internal demand and not as a means of career advancement.
  • Overcoming institutional and other barriers that hinder academic communication in the sphere of theological research, and induction of researchers into a common communication and methodological space that will lead to the establishment of a professional community of specialists in the area of theology.
Past Seminars
  1. Founding Seminar: Basic Traditions of Theological Knowledge (20 November 2015)
  2. Phenomenological Philosophy and Theology (15 January 2016, Yuri Chornomorets)
  3. Philosophical Hermeneutics and Theology (11 March 2016, Cyril Govorun)
  4. Analytical Philosophy and Theology (6 May 2016, Andriy Baumeister)
  5. The Methodology of Plato's Cognition (2 September 2016, Svetlana Mesyats)
  6. Metaphysics and Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge (19 November 2016, Anatoliy Akhutin)
  7. Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Cognition (27January 2017, Andriy Baumeister)
  8. Descartes' Philosophy and Theology (8 April 2017, Oleg Khoma)
  9. The Methodology of Kierkegaard's Theological Knowledge (2 June 2017, Andriy Dakhniy)
  10. Mystical Theology (15 June 2017, Yuriy Chornomorets)
  11. Paradigms of Biblical Theology (3 November 2017, Eugene Ustinovich)
  12. Methodologies of Medieval Theology (20 February 2018, Andriy Baumeister)
  13. Jacques Derrida's Philosophy and Its Importance for Theology (1 June 2018, Roman Soloviy)
  14. Theology of Communication and Eucharistic Anthropology (26 December 2018, Alexander Filonenko)
  15. Emmanuel Levinas and Modern Theology (29 March 2019, Anna Yampolskaya)
  16. Martin Heidegger's Philosophical Theology (4 October 2019, Svetlana Konacheva)
  17. Michel Foucault's Philosophy and its Significance for Theology (13 December 2019, Orysya Bila)
  18. Theology in the Context of Contemporary Social Challenges (7 February 2020, Anatoliy Denysenko, Joshua Searle)
  19. A New Dialogue between Science and Theology (4 April 2020, Oleksandr Filonenko)
  20. Trinitarian Truth of Being. The Revelation of Love (21 May 2020, Oleg Davydov)
  21. Signs of Presence. Sacramentalism in the Baptist tradition (12 June 2020, Sergii Sannikov)
  22. The situation of the death God in Nietzsche (11 September, 2020, Taras Lutyi)
  23. Hegel's Philosophical Thought about God and Religion (27 November, 2020, Andriy Bogachov)
  24. The Bible and History (May 21, 2021, Halyna Teslyuk)
  25. The Bible and Contemporary Philosophical Hermeneutics (September 11, 2021, Andriy Bogachov)
  26. The Bible and Ecological Challenges (November 5, 2021, Alexander Malov, Lydiia Lozova, Oleg Kindii)
  27. The Bible and Social Justice (February 4, 2022, Kyrylo Hovorun, Petro Terletskyi, Radyslav Tatsyun)
  28. Bible. Art. War (April 1, 2022, Pieter Kwant, Oleksii Chekal, Denys Kondiuk)
  29. Historical and Contemporary Approaches to War and Peace in Christianity (November 4, 2022, Joshua Searle, Rostyslav Tkachenko, Oleg Bornovolokov, Anatoly Bondarenko)
  30. Security, Violence and Vulnerability in a Biblical Perspective (December 16, 2022)
  31. Biblical Theology of Reconciliation and Restorative Justice. The Potential of the Christian Community in Building Peace in a Divided World (March 17, 2023)
  32. The Language of the Bible, War, and Peace (May 19, 2023)
  33. Тоталітарне минуле: особливості Східної та Центральної Європи (10 травня 2024)
  34. Країни Східної та Центральної Європи: досвід деколонізації і подолання тоталітаризму (10 червня 2024)