Theologia Evangelica in Via

Publishing series of the Eastern European Institute of Theology

The series consists of publications that contain a systematic and adapted presentation of the main theological disciplines, describe their conceptual foundations, historical development, and current state, as well as demonstrate relevance for church and social life in the Eastern European context. The authors of the series present the Evangelical theological tradition. The books of the series are based on the following basic principles: dialogicity (interdisciplinary, intercultural, interfaith), contextuality (ethical, cultural, social), relevance (practical, ideological, social, ecclesiastical). Books will provide methodological support for teaching theological disciplines in higher education institutions. The series is designed for teachers and students of educational institutions, all who are interested in current theological problems.

The series aims to achieve the following goals: to determine and popularize Eastern European evangelical thought, to expand the missionary consciousness of the church, to establish bridges between theological education and church ministry in the social context, to provide support to theological institutions involved in training pastors and the broader Christian community, to develop an open attitude of evangelical theologians to other Christian traditions in the spirit of Christian unity, to expand the skills and competencies of authors, teachers, students, and pastors, to form the theological community, open to the dialog with science and the public sphere.