"Transfiguration: Biblical Narrative and Renewal of Creation"

On August 19, an open theological seminar of the Eastern European Institute of Theology on "Transfiguration: Biblical Narrative and Renewal of Creation" took place.

During the seminar, the biblical narrative of the Transfiguration was considered through the prism of textual theology ("Historical and textual features of the narrative of the Transfiguration," Taras Dyatlik), biblical theology ("The Transfiguration of Christ as an eschatological prototype of the transformation of mankind in Paul's theology," Volodymyr Gorbenko), historical theology ("Light differs from light: the main contours of Palama's doctrine of uncreated Favor light," Vyacheslav Gerasimchuk) and theology of culture ("Transformation of man and the world as an eschatological perspective in fiction" (J. Tolkien, D. Milton, T. Morrison) (Artem Perkov).