Sergii Sannikov

Leading Research Fellow


Main research interests: Baptist theology and history, Baptist sacramental theology.

Revd. Sergii Sannikov, Ph.D. in Philosophy; Doctor of Science in Theology; Baptist theologian, pastor, chaplain. The main research interest is the Baptist theology and history and more specifically Baptist sacramental theology. He is a Professor of History and Theology at the Odesa Theological Seminary (Odesa, Ukraine), Visiting Professor at the Lviv Theological Seminary (Lviv, Ukraine), Moscow Theological Seminary (Moscow, Russia), and other institutions. He is a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence (2005) taught and doing research at Fresno Pacific University (Fresno, California). Dr. Sannikov was a founder and from 1989 till 1997 the first President of Odessa Theological Seminary, from 1997 he was Executive Director of Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA), and from 2011 for six years EAAA President.

Sergii is the author of numerous publications, such as “Discussion About Water Baptism in West and East” (European Journal of Theology, 2019), “Sacramental Turn in Baptist Theology”(Modern Science, 2017), “Menno Simons’ and Martin Luther’s Interpretative Approaches in the Protestant Hermeneutical Horizon” (Sententiae, 2018), “Shift from the instrumental to the existential interpretation of baptism in the Catholic tradition” (IDEAS. Special scientific issue, 2018), “Trinity and Worship: Trinitarian view of worship from Slavic Baptist's perspective”(European Philosophical and Historical Discourse, 2018), “Writing Slavic Bible Commentary: History and Approach”(European Journal of Theology, 2017), etc. He is the author of the books: Twenty Centuries of Christianity (Bible for Everyone, 2002); Church History for everyone (Sammit, 2012); Church History for Children (Sammit, 2016); Signs of Presence. Baptism in the context of Baptist Sacramentology (Dukh and Litera, 2019); Chief editor of Menno Simons and anabaptists(Samencorn, 2012), Slavic Bible Commentary(EAAA, 2016). Now he is working as co-editor of Central-Asia Bible Commentary.