20th Methodological seminar (with Oleg Davydov)

On May 21, the 20th methodological theological seminar of the Institute took place.The participants of the seminar got acquainted with Oleg Davydov's theological project, formulated in his recent book "Trinitarian Truth of Being. The Revelation of Love". The main idea of this book expresses the author's attitude that divine trinitarian love is the truth of reality. A creation acquires it as a radiant gift of beauty, truth, and grace. It also emphasizes the generosity and perfection of the infinite transcendental source, which is the Trinitarian God. Joy, freedom, enjoyment, and fullness of being, recognition of existed differences, and their positive aspects are necessary in the modern world, and they come up from an active contemplation and existential involvement in Trinitarian life. Our methodological seminars take place throughout the year and everyone is welcome.