The 34th Methodological Seminar "Eastern and Central Europe: Undergoing Decolonization and Overcoming Totalitarianism"

June 10, 2024

Eastern European Institute of Theology is continuing the series of theological methodological seminars entitled "Public Theology in the Context of Overcoming the Totalitarian Past." These seminars aim to analyze the experience of the totalitarian and colonial past in Eastern and Central Europe, to study its consequences for contemporary socio-political processes in the region, and to search for the outlines of a public theology that can contribute to the deconstruction of totalitarian and post-totalitarian experience and the building of sustainable democratic structures.

The second seminar in this series, "Eastern and Central Europe: Undergoing Decolonization and Overcoming Totalitarianism" will be held online on June 10 on Zoom. The seminar starts at 1:00 pm Kyiv time.

Speakers of the Seminar
Mykola Riabchuk

Mykola Riabchuk is a Ukrainian journalist, literary critic, poet, translator, prose writer, and essayist. He is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Political and Nationalities’ Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the president of Ukrainian PEN-center.

Cyril Hovorun

Cyril Hovorun is a professor of ecclesiology, international relations, and ecumenism at Sankt Ignatios College, University College Stockholm. He is a research fellow at Yale and Columbia Universities in the USA. He is an international fellow at Chester Ronning Centre for the study of religion and public life at the University of Alberta in Canada and an invited professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

Taras Dyatlik

Taras Dyatlik is vice-rector for development and international cooperation of the Eastern European Institute of Theology, VSI-director of the Overseas Council-United World Mission in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He is a member of the Public Council of the Ministry on Cooperation with Churches and Religious Organizations under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the Advisory Council of Theologians Without Borders. Since 2011, the main type of his professional activity is the development of theological and educational structures, initiatives and projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Work of the Seminar

Kyiv time

13:00 — 14:15 — "Overcoming the Past of Totalitarian Yoke and Cultural Colonization" (Mykola Riabchuk). Language: Ukrainian.
14:30 — 15:45 — "The Church’s Mission in Overcoming Consequences of Totalitarian Past" (Cyril Hovorun). Language: Ukrainian.
16:00 — 17:15 — "Attributes of an Authoritarian/Totalitarian Leader: Church Dimension" (Taras Dyatlik). Language: Ukrainian.


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