Call for papers: "The Communion of Saints: Biblical, Theological And Contemporary Perspectives"

Dear colleagues, Theological Reflections Eastern European Journal of Theology invites submissions to the April 2022 issue:The Communion Of Saints: Biblical, Theological And Contemporary Perspectives.

The final clause of the Apostle’s Creed emphasizes the importance of “the communion of saints”. The theme is not only a historically formulated statement, which has to be preserved and reverently reiterated. It is essential to overcoming the current fragmentation of the Church and is widely discussed in various (multilateral) theological dialogues today. Moreover, the issue has far-reaching practical implications for church practices. As the COVID-19 situation has demonstrated, the churches have been compelled to take a fresh look at traditional liturgical and ecclesiastical practices. The increased use of modern means of communication and substitution of some of the traditional practices with online forms have caused pastors and theologians to ponder the meaning of “the communion of saints” and its attainability in virtual space. We invite everyone interested in the topic of the communion of saints in biblical, historical and contemporary perspectives to take part in the conference.

Possible Topics:

  • The Communion of Saints and the Concept of Covenant
  • The Communion of Saints in Fragmented Churches
  • The Communion of Saints and the Departed in Christ
  • The Communion of Saints in the Works of Leading Theologians
  • An Ecclesiology of Communion
  • The Communion of Saints and Virtual Space
  • The Communion of Saints and the Triune God
  • The Communion of Saints and the Mission of the Church
  • The Communion of Saints and Ontology
  • The Communion of Saints and Corporeity & The Communion of Saints and Prayer

Deadline for submissions: November 30, 2021. Date of publication: April 30, 2022.

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