Two Years of the Aggression: Moral Leadership in Times of Crisis

February 23, 2024

We invite you to join us for a thought-provoking online event, "Russia-Ukraine War: Two Years of Aggression - Moral Leadership in Times of Crisis," on February 23 at 7:00 pm Kyiv time.

The war in Ukraine, which began in 2014 and escalated in 2022 with Russia's full-scale invasion, has posed a challenge to the moral leadership of various actors involved in the conflict and its aftermath. This event aims to delve into the profound themes that have emerged during the war in Ukraine and explore the concept of moral leadership in the face of adversity. We will explore four key themes related to moral leadership in crisis:

  • The war has exposed crises and blind spots in evangelical theology and leadership as Christian leaders grapple with making sense of suffering and maintaining hope.
  • Serving the needs of refugees had leaders face new perspectives on what true servant leadership entails in a time of catastrophe.
  • Providing moral clarity and setting an example by adhering to ethical convictions has required leaders to chart a countercultural path of wisdom and restraint.
  • The difference between steadfast, convictional leadership and opportunistic compromises has been clarified through this grueling crisis.

By reflecting on these themes through the lens of Ukraine's turmoil, participants will gain deeper insight into the immense challenges as well as opportunities for rising to meet this historic moment with courage, compassion, and steadfastness. The discussion aims to challenge and equip Christian leaders around the world to evaluate their own roles in moral leadership in the face of conflict and human suffering.

February 23 | 7:00 pm Kyiv time, EET | Online
Language: English

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