Training “Overcoming Trauma” is now available in Ukrainian Sign Language

The Eastern European Institute of Theology, in partnership with the MH-Care Initiative, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, NGO "New Breath," Overseas Council - United World Mission, and ScholarLeaders International are pleased to present a video recording of the training “Overcoming Trauma: Support for People with Limb Loss Caused by the War” translated into Ukrainian sign language. 

The training, which took place on 1-2 February 2023 at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (Kyiv, Ukraine) is now available online. This is an important step towards ensuring access to psychological support for all those in need, regardless of their physical limitations.

The trainers, Volodymyr Moisei, a sports psychologist from MH-Care (, and Andrii Marchak, a wounded participant of the Revolution of Dignity, shared their experience of overcoming trauma. Training materials are translated into Ukrainian Sign Language by Kateryna Zarichniuk, the founder of the Development Studio for Children with Hearing Impairment.

Recognizing the International Week of Support for the Deaf (September 18-24), the organizers express their support to the deaf and hard-of-hearing people of Ukraine, including those who lost their hearing because of the war, and to all those who are doing everything possible and impossible so that everyone in Ukraine can be heard.

"We have a long way ahead of us to understand each other. But we believe that if we are sensitive to each other, learn how to overcome obstacles, and are open to new solutions through new skills, we can make it," says the training organizer, Helga Marchak. – "We believe that our strength and beauty lie in sensitivity to each other's differences and in treating each other with dignity."

Helga Marchak, Director of the Regional Training Hub (Overseas Council – United World Mission), Educational Development Manager (Eastern European Institute of Theology). Email: