The fourth Seminar of Foundations of Academic Literacy took place

Eastern European Institute of Theology held the fourth seminar of Foundations of Academic Literacy for Authors of Scholarly Articles, which aims to form and develop authors' competencies in writing theological articles for academic journals. A speaker of the fourth seminar was Lina Toth, Editor of journal Theology in Scotland. Lina Toth shared her experience of writing a quality theological research and discussed the virtues that, in her opinion, a researcher needs to write academic articles faithfully.

Contexts and cultures will always play a huge role in determining what is right and our relation to reading the ideas of others.

Rev. Dr Lina Toth is Assistant Principal and Lecturer in Practical Theology at the Scottish Baptist College, UK, and Senior Research Fellow at the IBTS Centre, The Netherlands. She is Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, Editor of journal Theology in Scotland and Chair of the Worship and Spirituality Commission of the Baptist World Alliance.